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Issue 46 (September 2012) Sports programming on Franco’s television: the conquest of quality through innovation Abstract   PDF (Español)
Joseba Bonaut Iriarte, Teresa Ojer Goñi
Issue 50 (May 2014) The social construction of gender in the media SUI GENERIS. GENDER PORTRAYALS IN ITALIAN TELEVISION ADVERTISING Abstract   PDF
Paola Panarese
Issue 51 (December 2014) Tecnozombies: artifact beings within contemporary technoscience Abstract   PDF (Español)
Santiago Koval
Issue 42 (June 2011) Telephotography in Unión Radio Barcelona: 1930-1932. Abstract   PDF (Español)
Francisco Javier Ruiz del Olmo
Issue 51 (December 2014) Television overconsumption and underconsumption in Spain Abstract   PDF (Español)
Cristina Etayo-Perez, Alberto Bayo-Moriones
Issue 43 (September 2011) Television use in a multiscreen context: old practice in new media Abstract   PDF (Español)
María Dolores Cáceres, José Antonio Ruiz San Román, Gaspar Brändle
Monographic: Audiovisual 2.0 (February 2012) Tensions of serial narrative in the new media system Abstract   PDF (Español)
Rosa Álvarez Berciano
Issue 52 (June 2015) The austerity Chancellor: Angela Merkel’s image construction in La Vanguardia Abstract   PDF (Español)
Miriam Suárez Romero, Lorena R. Romero Domínguez
Issue 51 (December 2014) The creativity of the outdoor advertising in the mobile sector: A Case Study in Spain and Portugal Abstract   PDF (Español)
Eva Breva Franch, Paula Lopes, Consuelo Balado Albiol
Issue 54 (June 2016) The Crisis in the Humanities and its Relevance to Communication Studies Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Brett Ingram, Lisa Cuklanz
Issue 44 (December 2011) The digital generation dealing with a new television model: favourite content and platforms Abstract   PDF (Español)
Patricia González Aldea, Nereida López Vidales
Issue 53 (December 2015) The femme fatale in Spanish comedy series: A renewal of the standard in the series Aida and La que se avecina Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Tatiana Hidalgo-Marí
Issue 56 (June 2017) The Gipuzkoan population’s opinion of female politicians Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Iñaki Garcia Arrizabalaga, Juan José Gibaja Martins, Alazne Mujika Alberdi
No 45 (June 2012) The growing importance of the Latin vote in the presidential elections of the United States of America Abstract   PDF (Español)
José Rúas Araújo
Issue 46 (September 2012) The human-machine integration: the feasible and the conceivable in real science and science fiction Abstract   PDF (Español)
Santiago Koval
Issue 44 (December 2011) The informative construction of the Prestige disaster: the abuse of institutional sources Abstract   PDF (Español)
Javier Odriozola Chéné
Issue 42 (June 2011) The informative self-determination as a barrier for information freedom and for professional practice of journalism Abstract   PDF (Español)
Pepe Rodríguez
Issue 44 (December 2011) The obsession by “the photo” or the banal construction of the policy agenda. The case of the seventh crisis of government of Zapatero and its photography with Obama Abstract   PDF (Español)
Toni Aira Foix
Issue 53 (December 2015) The politicisation of journalism in Spain: three obstacles to the professional autonomy of journalists Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Andreu Casero-Ripolles, José Vicente García Santamaría, José Fernández-Beaumont
Issue 46 (September 2012) The Presentation of Self in Social Network Sites: an approach from Erving Goffman’ work Abstract   PDF (Español)
Javier Serrano-Puche
Issue 41 (February 2011) The propaganda of the Spain national radio in the Canaries during the Civil War, 1936–1939 Abstract   PDF (Español)
Julio Antonio Yanes-Mesa
Issue 52 (June 2015) The Relational Factor as a strategic element in marketing communications Abstract   PDF (Español)
Rafael Marfil-Carmona, Elisa Hergueta Covacho, Cristina Villalonga Gómez
Issue 53 (December 2015) The relational factor in media convergence: an emerging proposal Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
José Antonio Gabelas, Carmen Marta-Lazo, Patricia González Aldea
Issue 40 (December 2010) The research on Communications, culture and cooperation in the Mediterranean. The case of LAPREC Abstract   PDF (Español)
Teresa Velázquez
Issue 43 (September 2011) The rules of attraction in movie titles Abstract   PDF (Español)
Lluís Pastor
Issue 52 (June 2015) The Spanish digital newspaper community: analysis of the distribution and profiles of the contacts network Abstract   PDF (Español)
Silvia Martínez-Martínez
Issue 52 (June 2015) The Spanish press’s loss of confidence, in a context of political corruption: the ‘Bárcenas scandal’ in El País and El Mundo Abstract   PDF (Español)
Cristina Zurutuza-Muñoz, José Juan Verón-Lassa
Issue 40 (December 2010) The spin doctors central role. Politics as communicational process Abstract   PDF (Català)
Toni Aira Foix
Issue 41 (February 2011) The territorial organization of Catalonia and Spain in the persuasive strategies of political parties and regional institutions during the campaign of the Estatut Abstract   PDF (Español)
Arantxa Capdevila, Lorena Gómez
Issue 42 (June 2011) The Thorny Issue of Politicians, Minors and Journalists: Legality and Ethics in Press Photography Abstract   PDF (Español)
Carlos Maciá-Barber
Monographic: Audiovisual 2.0 (February 2012) The transformation of the audiovisual contents and the influence of the mobile devices in the new transmedia scene Abstract   PDF (Español)
Alberto Tognazzi Drake
Issue 53 (December 2015) The unnoticed challenge. Conflict framing on the Catalan independence referendum Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Carlos A. Ballesteros Herencia
Issue 42 (June 2011) The video game as expressive frame. Aesthetics, rules and worlds of reference Abstract   PDF (Español)
Antonio José Planells de la Maza
Issue 55 (December 2016) The video games that entertain children: offer and demand analysis of video games among the young audience Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Beatriz Feijoo, Aurora García-González
Issue 56 (June 2017) Towards an Americanization of political campaigns? The use of Facebook and Twitter for campaigning in Spain, USA and Norway Abstract   PDF (Català)   EPUB (Català)
Laura Cervi, Núria Roca
Issue 55 (December 2016) Traces identity and imaginary teens Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Ángel Vidal Rabadán Crespo
Issue 40 (December 2010) Trends and models of Media literacy in Europe: Between digital competence and critical understanding Abstract   PDF
José Manuel Pérez-Tornero, Oralia Paredes, Glòria Baena, Santiago Giraldo, Santiago Tejedor, Núria Fernández
Monographic: Audiovisual 2.0 (February 2012) True Advertising Blood: spreading fictional universes Abstract   PDF (Español)
Raúl Rodríguez Ferrándiz
Issue 55 (December 2016) TV series and video games: the poetics of seriality in playful form Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Alfonso Cuadrado
Issue 53 (December 2015) Visual narrative on the liberation of the extermination camps: analysis of Night will Fall (André Singer, 2014) Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Aarón Rodríguez Serrano
Issue 50 (May 2014) The social construction of gender in the media Women Behind the Camera in The Spanish Television Industry Abstract   PDF (Español)
Nuria Simelio, Maria Forga
Issue 56 (June 2017) Women of “The Wire” Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Bruce A. Williams, Andrea L. Press
Issue 54 (June 2016) Yes, Life is quite strange (Guilt and time in Life is Strange) Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Marta Martín Núñez, Shaila García Catalán, Aarón Rodríguez Serrano
Issue 40 (December 2010) Young people and television fiction: representations and effects Abstract   PDF (Català)
Charo Lacalle
Issue 48 (September 2013) Monograph: Media Literacy and Youth Youth in digital culture and media: global and Scandinavian perspectives Abstract   PDF (Español)
Ulla Carlsson
Issue 48 (September 2013) Monograph: Media Literacy and Youth Youth participation on social networks: purposes, opportunities and rewards Abstract   PDF (Español)
María del Carmen García Galera, José Alonso Seco, Mercedes Del Hoyo Hurtado
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