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Issue 41 (February 2011) The columnist-character as a rhetoric strategy of the personal or literary columns Abstract   PDF (Español)
Fernando López-Pan
Issue 48 (September 2013) Monograph: Media Literacy and Youth Media education in action.Models, tools and examples of good practice Abstract   PDF (Español)
Alberto Parola, Maria Ranieri
Monographic: Audiovisual 2.0 (February 2012) Narrative and Cognition Abstract   PDF (Español)
Josep Maria Català Domènech
Monographic: Audiovisual 2.0 (February 2012) A case study in transmedia reception: Fan communities on Facebook and social topics in the brazilian telenovela Passione Abstract   PDF
Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes
Issue 59 (December 2018) A Multimodal Analysis of the Representation of Hegemonic Masculinity and Hegemonic Femininity on “Men’s Health” and “Women’s Health” Cover Pages (January 2011 – June 2016) Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Nashwa Elyamany
Issue 46 (September 2012) Abnormal Maternities. Reproduction in Science Fiction Films of the Nineties Abstract   PDF (Español)
Lidia Meras
Issue 40 (December 2010) An emerging approach in communication research: Video games as social spaces Abstract   PDF (Español)
Jordi Sánchez-Navarro, Daniel Aranda
Issue 59 (December 2018) Analysis of quality television in magazine programs through audience discourse on Facebook and Twitter Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Rosa M. Ferrer Ceresola
Issue 57 (December 2017) Analysis of the new communicative strategy of EH Bildu (2016): Towards a narrative of emotion Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Julen Orbegozo Terradillos, Andoni Iturbe Tolosa, Marian González Abrisketa
Issue 55 (December 2016) Archeology of interface. Essay, memory, image Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
José Geraldo De Oliveira
Monographic: Audiovisual 2.0 (February 2012) Audiovisual 2.0: Narratives, reception and consumption in the new hypertexts Abstract   PDF (Español)
Charo Lacalle, Jordi Sánchez-Navarro
Issue 55 (December 2016) Behold... the Head of State’s Spouse! A comparative study of the political rise of the First Lady in Poland, France and Spain Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Ewa Widlak, Carles Pont Sorribes, Jaume Guillamet Lloveras
Issue 50 (May 2014) The social construction of gender in the media Being a Girl in the Age of Social Networking Abstract   PDF (Català)
Iolanda Tortajada, Núria Araüna
Issue 58 (June 2018) Beyond Advertising Narratives: “Josefinas” and their storytelling products Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Liliana Dias, Patrícia Dias
Issue 60 (June 2019) Bibliometric analysis of scientific production in the field of public relations through doctoral dissertations (2006–2017) and Spanish doctoral programs (2017) Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Joan Cuenca-Fontbona, Kathy Matilla, Marc Compte-Pujol
Issue 53 (December 2015) Campaign issues in the National and Aragonese Press during three elections in Spain: 2011 Local and Autonomous Regional elections, 2011 General elections and 2014 European elections Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Carmela García Ortega, Ricardo Zugasti Azagra
Issue 56 (June 2017) Cartography of Chilean political documentary film: between political discourse and audiovisual rhetoric Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Rubén Dittus, Erna Ulloa Castillo
Issue 54 (June 2016) Catalan art museums and social networks. Analysis of presence and performance Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Federica Satta
Issue 40 (December 2010) Challenges of intercultural communication studies at the beginning of 21st century Abstract   PDF (Español)
José María Perceval
Issue 48 (September 2013) Monograph: Media Literacy and Youth Children and New Media Literacy: an Egytian case study Abstract   PDF (Español)
Samy Tayie
Issue 41 (February 2011) Citizen Journalism and Public Sphere in the Information Society Abstract   PDF (Español)
Guiomar Salvat-Martinrey, Vicente Serrano-Martín
Issue 51 (December 2014) Co-creation practices in music videos: the case of Evolution of Get Lucky Abstract   PDF (Español)
Antoni Roig Telo, Gemma San Cornelio Esquerdo
Issue 59 (December 2018) Coincidences between press releases and economic briefs: Quantitative and qualitative analysis of two Spanish newspapers Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Jesús Martínez, Josep-Lluís Micó, Francesc Pozo
Issue 52 (June 2015) Communication and C-Suite: Some Strategic Contributions Abstract   PDF (Español)
Mónica Recalde Viana, Elena Gutiérrez-García
Issue 47 (December 2012) Communicative regulation regime and media approach mechanisms to political actors: proposed dimensions for analysis Abstract   PDF (Español)
Abel Somohano Fernández
Issue 58 (June 2018) Community radio news coverage in the European media : mapping popular issues and important silences Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Fábio Ribeiro
Issue 47 (December 2012) Concentration and pluralism in the Spanish new audiovisual Scenario. Analysis of the absorption of the Channel Cuatro by Telecinco Abstract   PDF (Español)
José Vicente García Santamaría, José Fernández-Beaumont Fernández
Issue 47 (December 2012) Concentration of the Theatrical Distribution Market in Spain Abstract   PDF (Español)
Alejandro Pardo, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero
Issue 48 (September 2013) Monograph: Media Literacy and Youth Contributions of Spanish Universities to research on Children and Media Abstract   PDF (Español)
José A. Ruiz San Roman, Miguel Ángel Ortiz Sobrino, Leticia Porto Pedrosa
Issue 47 (December 2012) Convergence process in information sources: a view from press offices Abstract   PDF (Español)
Sonia González Molina
Issue 42 (June 2011) Crosses between Journalism and Literature. An analysis of travel chronicles written by Juan Pablo Meneses Abstract   PDF (Español)
Anahí Lovato
Issue 57 (December 2017) Dead Lesbian Syndrome: LGBTQ fandom’s self-regulation mechanisms in fan-producer controversies around “The 100” Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Mar Guerrero-Pico, Maria-José Establés, Rafael Ventura
Issue 40 (December 2010) Digital Competence In K-12. Theoretical Models, Assessment Tools and Empirical Research Abstract   PDF
Antonio Calvani, Antonio Fini, Maria Ranieri
Issue 50 (May 2014) The social construction of gender in the media "Dissecting the poisoned honey" Sexist Humor in Egypt: A linguistic analysis of sexism in Colloquial Cairene Arabic jokes Abstract   PDF
Heba Nayef, Mohamed El-Nashar
Issue 58 (June 2018) Distancies from Reality. Closeness and farness in Igort’s “Notebooks” Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Marcello Serra, Rayco González
Issue 58 (June 2018) Docu-advertising. The role of “pathos” in Documentary Advertising Storytelling Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Paola Panarese, Juan Carlos Suárez Villegas
Issue 52 (June 2015) Documentaries, industry and social engagement. Sub-Saharan immigration as a case study Abstract   PDF (Español)
Lidia Peralta García
Issue 60 (June 2019) Editorial Abstract   PDF (Català)   PDF (Español)   PDF   EPUB (Català)
Cristina Pulido
Issue 44 (December 2011) Education and LGTB liberation in the cinema of the last years of Francoism Abstract   PDF (Español)
Alejandro Melero
No 45 (June 2012) Education for autonomy in media societies Abstract   PDF (Español)
Vicent Gozálvez Pérez, José Ignacio Aguaded Gómez
Issue 54 (June 2016) Effectiveness of the Auditory and Visual effects of Chinese e-Magazine on the Graduate Students’ Reading Process Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Bing Zhang, Elena Añaños, Min Zhang
Issue 41 (February 2011) Euro-Latin-American Audiovisual Space: Cinema as the Backbone of Supranational Cooperation Abstract   PDF (Español)
Carmina Crusafon-Baqués
Issue 54 (June 2016) Fictional worlds as the key to adaptation: The Blade Runner video game case study. Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Clara Fernández Vara
Monographic: Audiovisual 2.0 (February 2012) First person shot. New Forms of Subjectivity between Cinema and Intermedia Networks Abstract   PDF
Ruggero Eugeni
Issue 54 (June 2016) From ICT to ICRT. A study of ICT use and the digital divide among adults and adolescents in Spain Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Manuel Garrido-Lora, Jordi Busquet Duran, Rosa-Àuria Munté Ramos
Issue 55 (December 2016) From players to viewers: the construction of the media spectacle in the e-sports context Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
José Agustín Carrillo Vera
Issue 59 (December 2018) Functionality of narrative cinematographic components in the new television formats: Dating shows Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Belén Puebla-Martínez, Silvia Magro Vela, Javier Fernández Valera
Issue 50 (May 2014) The social construction of gender in the media Gender and Media Studies: Progress and Challenge in a Vibrant Research Field Abstract   PDF
Milly Buonanno
Issue 50 (May 2014) The social construction of gender in the media Gender Dimension in Media and Communication Studies: Main Concepts and Illustrations in Mass Mediated Texts Abstract   PDF
Maria Pilar Rodriguez, Lisa Cucklanz
Issue 59 (December 2018) Gender-based violence in discourse . A comparative study on anti-violence communication initiatives across Europe, in Austria and Spain Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Birgit Wolf
Issue 50 (May 2014) The social construction of gender in the media Gender(ed) Matters in Communication/Media Studies: Integrating Curricular Innovation and Social Change in the Spanish Model Abstract   PDF
Maria Pando Canteli, Annabel Martín
Issue 58 (June 2018) Hegemonic narratives of violence. Organised crime and drug trafficking between journalism and television fiction Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Sergio Rodríguez-Blanco, Federico Mastrogiovanni
Issue 41 (February 2011) Hollywood, public threat and designers of narrative trends. Popular fiction and political discourse in the wake of 9/11 Abstract   PDF (Català)
Antonio Sánchez-Escalonilla
Issue 47 (December 2012) Identity of the spanish reporters, between the ideal and reality. Analisys of parliamentary interventions in 1994 and 2004 Abstract   PDF (Español)
Juan Carlos Suárez Villegas, Eva Jiménez
Issue 43 (September 2011) Importance of corporate governance in state-owned television corporations: the case of RTVE Abstract   PDF (Español)
Teresa Ojer
Issue 54 (June 2016) Indie or Mainstream? Tensions and Nuances between the Alternative and the Mainstream in Indie Games Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Óliver Pérez Latorre
Issue 52 (June 2015) Institutional communication for political purposes: the case of gender equality campaigns Abstract   PDF (Español)
Natalia Papí-Gálvez, Jesús Orbea Mira
Issue 57 (December 2017) Interactive documentaries as a format in audiovisual media: A case study of RTVE and Al Jazeera Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Jorge Vázquez-Herrero, Xosé López-García
Monographic: Audiovisual 2.0 (February 2012) Interpretation and analysis of cross media content: the case of Televisió de Catalunya Abstract   PDF
Rosa Franquet, María Isabel Villa Montoya
Issue 48 (September 2013) Monograph: Media Literacy and Youth Introduction Abstract   PDF (Español)
Antonio García Gimenez, José Manuel Pérez Tornero
Issue 50 (May 2014) The social construction of gender in the media Introduction Abstract   PDF (Español)
Charo Lacalle Lacalle, José Manuel Pérez Tornero, Juan Carlos Suárez
Issue 49 (December 2013) investigative journalism; questionnaire; teaching; skills; specialization; university students Abstract   PDF (Español)
Pepe Rodríguez
Issue 44 (December 2011) "Las provincias" and the foundations of Valencian environmentalism. The columns by Maria Consuelo Reyna on El Saler and the Turia river bed Abstract   PDF (Català)
Anna Mateu, Martí Domínguez
Issue 43 (September 2011) Leadership and Communication: the Customization of Politics Abstract   PDF (Español)
Antonio Laguna Platero
Issue 49 (December 2013) Local digital journalism . History and current uses. A study of VilaWeb local and Madridiario Abstract   PDF (Català)
David Caldevilla Domínguez, Mariona Visa Barbosa
Issue 49 (December 2013) Mapping Digital Media and Journalism in Spain Abstract   PDF
Carles Llorens Maluquer, Virginia Luzón Fernández, Helena Puertas Grau
Issue 40 (December 2010) Maps, mobile phones and narratives: posibilities and limitations of locative media Abstract   PDF (Español)
Gemma San Cornelio Esquerdo
Issue 43 (September 2011) Mass literature, the marks of globalization in national cultures Abstract   PDF (Español)
Vanina Papalini
Issue 59 (December 2018) Media discourse on gastronomy: Culinary narratives in Catalan newspapers Abstract   PDF (Català)   EPUB (Català)
Francesc Fusté-Forné, Pere Masip
Issue 48 (September 2013) Monograph: Media Literacy and Youth Media literacy, fandom and participative cultures. A global challenge Abstract   PDF (Español)
Irma Hirsjärvi
No 45 (June 2012) Media, politics and confrontation in Spain: European elections 2009 Abstract   PDF (Español)
Raquel Rodríguez Díaz, Juan Sebastián López, Sergio Alvarado Vivas, Alexander Martínez Lara
Monographic: Audiovisual 2.0 (February 2012) Memorable experiences in the Era of instant music Abstract   PDF (Español)
Héctor Fouce
Issue 58 (June 2018) Memories in conflict in the Chilean public sphere: television fiction and dictatorship Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Lorena Antezana Barrios, Cristian Cabalin
Issue 55 (December 2016) Meta-Literacy in Gameworlds Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Silviano Carrasco, Susana Tosca
Issue 60 (June 2019) Millennials and the Internet: How Ibero-American students of communication use and value social media Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Santiago Tejedor, Ricardo Carniel Bugs, Santiago Giraldo Luque
Issue 59 (December 2018) Millennials’ TV: An approach to their viewing habits Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Enrique Guerrero Pérez, Cristina González Oñate, David Kimber Camussetti
Issue 43 (September 2011) Modalities, uses and presence of fiction as a creative resource in radio advertising Abstract   PDF (Español)
Núria Arcos Foix, Juan José Perona Páez
Issue 52 (June 2015) Museums yet to embrace the digital age: the presence of Catalan museums on the internet Abstract   PDF (Español)
Daniel Paül i Agustí
Issue 56 (June 2017) Narrative strategies in the origin of journalism: An analysis of the first Spanish-language gazettes Abstract   PDF   EPUB
Javier Díaz Noci
Issue 54 (June 2016) Neuroscience and adversting. Attention, emotion and their relation with the awards received at Cannes International Advertising Awards Abstract   PDF (Español)   EPUB (Español)
Alejandro Tapia Frade, Elena Martín Guerra, Jose Enrique Puente
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