Tensions of serial narrative in the new media system


  • Rosa Álvarez Berciano


The phenomenon of the transmedia narrative, as a result of the experimentation of the fiction in television in a multiplatform and multimedia frame, arises multiple challenges which not only affect to the decisions in the industry and its production lines, but also to the reflexion and analysis, which establish new forms as an object of study. The methodological and conceptual apparatus applied and tested with the media and forms of expresion in the predigital era is constantly examined nowadays by the transmedia narratives. In this text and basing our experience in the most recent fictional production, we do refer to a key concept for the transmediatic narration development: the serialized form, precisely as the way of structuring and organizing the narration are reformulated in a new complex media context, and this way, the generated tensions caused by these narratives, by both the demands asociated to categories of consumption related to a traditional medium which has not changed basically its consolidated protocols in the analogical era, and by the new ways of access and usage of the contents encouraged by the new technologies.


television, fiction, seriality, transmedia narratives, interaction




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