Euro-Latin-American Audiovisual Space: Cinema as the Backbone of Supranational Cooperation


  • Carmina Crusafon-Baqués


The Euro-Latin-American audiovisual space is a result of the interaction between different actors: on the one hand, the institutional ones, the European Union, the MERCOSUR, and the set of countries integrated across the Iberian-American Summits; and for other one, the audiovisual industry, especially, the cinema sector. This paper aims to analyze how cinema has turned into the backbone of supranational cooperation, contributing to the consolidation of this Euro-Latin-American space. In particular, it will focus on the actions carried out by the industry and the ones developed by the supranational audiovisual policies. That is, the IBERMEDIA fund and the EU MEDIA program. This analysis will let to know how the audiovisual policies and its mechanisms contribute to the creation of audiovisual common spaces and to the consolidation of the already existing transatlantic market.


Audiovisual, cinema industry, audiovisual policy, cooperation, European Union, MERCOSUR, Iberian-America




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