The propaganda of the Spain national radio in the Canaries during the Civil War, 1936–1939


  • Julio Antonio Yanes-Mesa


In the present work we have proposed to throw light on one of the most interesting, and worse known episodes, of the history of the radio in Spain: the massive use of the medium during the civil war in the Canary Isles, where the general Franco initiated the revolt against the Republic II. For this purpose, supplied with unpublished data collected in primary sources, both archival and library records, we could reveal a wealth of facts hitherto unknown, and to heat them, weigh the role played by the radio on an international scale in a place so marginal in those years as the island. In addition to their intrinsic contribution, research claimed the sector in the suburbs to enrich the current knowledge of the history of Spanish radio.


History of radio, propaganda, Radio Club Tenerife, Spanish Civil War (1936–1939), Canary Islands, suburbs




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