The obsession by “the photo” or the banal construction of the policy agenda. The case of the seventh crisis of government of Zapatero and its photography with Obama


  • Toni Aira Foix


In the United Kingdom and the United States, references in political communication, different authors report the migration of the political praxis, from tactic to tabloid. They admit the banalisation of the political process, which is attributed in part to the leadership that spin doctors have in the communicational process of politics. Always adapted to the social context and the own system of each country, many of the tendencies that have been imposed in these countries are arriving among us and are configuring also our politics. In Spain, democracy based on media power has been installed as well as the banalisation of the political process. Two paradigmatic politicians of this new kind of politics, Barack Obama and José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, were protagonists in April 2009 of a descriptive moment of this context.


agenda-setting, aides, spin doctors, political communication, Zapatero, Obama




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