The human-machine integration: the feasible and the conceivable in real science and science fiction


  • Santiago Koval


The arrival of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) produced a qualitative change in the technological feasible and technological conceivable realities. These transformations are expressed respectively in changes in the conceptual and material register of our time spirit, a new era in human history marked by the natural and everyday use of new technologies. Both in the field of real science and in that of science fiction, discourses on human-machine integration, which run about the merge between biology and technology, point to the central idea that ICT will generate, in the near future, a technological singularity, a historical turning point expressed in the appearance of androids and posthumans, artificial figures ontologically identical, or even superior to the original beings in which they are inspired.


technological singularity, science fiction, human-machine integration, technology, android, posthuman




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