Call for new special issue


CALL SPECIAL ISSUE “MIL Global Understanding: Peace for All”

Edited by José Manuel Pérez Tornero (UAB) and Samy Tayie (Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport)

Anàlisi is a SCOPUS scientific journal published by the Journalism and Communication Sciences Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). 

We invite submissions for a special issue of our scientific journal dedicated to exploring the pivotal role of the media in fostering global understanding and dialogue amidst the challenges of disinformation and violence. In an era where information dissemination can either unite or divide societies, this issue aims to shed light on the positive contributions of MIL and the role of media in promoting accurate information, constructive dialogue, and mutual understanding across diverse cultures and regions.

We welcome original research articles, reviews, and theoretical perspectives that examine various aspects of media's influence on global communication dynamics. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: - Strategies for countering disinformation and misinformation in the media. - Case studies analyzing successful media campaigns promoting peace and solidarity. - The role of social media platforms in shaping public opinion and perceptions. - Ethical considerations in media reporting and journalism practices.  Innovative approaches to harnessing media technologies for fostering cross-cultural understanding, Media and Information literacy and intercultural dialogue.

We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of MIL in promoting global understanding and dialogue, with a focus on practical implications for policymakers, media practitioners, and researchers. Join us in advancing knowledge and shaping the discourse on the transformative potential of responsible media engagement in today's interconnected world.

The call will accept two types of articles:

1) Research articles with empirical results that address topics close to innovation in teaching or in journalism practice with recommendations to include in Journalism Studies (maximum 6.000 words).

2) Academic essays that contain rigorous theoretical reflections with practical implications in the teaching or journalism practice (Maximum 4.000 words).


  • Deadline for submitting the paper:July 15, 2024
  • It is necessary to specify in the manuscript that this manuscript be addressed to this call.
  • Author Guidelines:
  • Articles could be in English or Spanish
  • Those articles that are linked to funded research will be prioritised.
  • Questions could be addressed to:
  • The special issue will be published on December 2024