Perception of Risk in the Network by Adolescents in Spain: problematic uses and ways of control


  • Esther Martínez Pastor
  • Antonio García Jiménez
  • José Carlos Sendín Gutiérrez


The purpose of this study is to analyze, from a qualitative perspective, perceptions of children about the risks of using the Internet and social networks in Spain. Eight focus groups were undertaken during the course 2010-11 in public and private secondary education centers as well as high schools, throughout different cities of Spain with individuals aged 12-14 (children) and 15-17 (adolescents). Among the main findings it is highlighted that children do not realize the risks of the network in front of their elders; they have a great concern for their image within their peer group; and they show a strong need to be connected to the Internet.


risks, youth, adolescents, children, social networks, addiction, parental control




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