Interpretation and analysis of cross media content: the case of Televisió de Catalunya


  • Rosa Franquet
  • María Isabel Villa Montoya


Audiovisual content found on digital technologies a natural expansion path, which has been accelerated thanks to the convergence. Mass Media strategies have focused on developing multi-platform content in order to exploit the potential distribution on the market. This article is about the theories and concepts related to measurement and cross-content, in turn, analyses one of the most ambitious multiplatform productions in Television de Catalunya, "Guernica: war paint." The purpose is to understand the scale of the issue from an interdisciplinary perspective and put the issues inherent in the study and analysis of cross-media productions. The text brings together the contributions of authors from different perspectives that have examined the content through concepts such as remediation, intertextuality, and transtextuality. The results indicate that the passage of pieces of content across different platforms used by television and radio operators happen more and more natural thanks to the experience accumulated over the past decade. The audience access multimedia motivated proposals complementary to television flow, attracted by the expansion of the contents and the establishment of a strong and proactive relationship with the audiovisual product. The documentary review escapes from the linear narrative and presents personalized and interactive content. However, we can speak of a hybridization between the total contents because the use of common tools and the degree of integration of technologies and production practices is still in an initial state.


cross-media production, content, interactive, intertextuality, television, multi-platform, convergence




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