The territorial organization of Catalonia and Spain in the persuasive strategies of political parties and regional institutions during the campaign of the Estatut


  • Arantxa Capdevila
  • Lorena Gómez


The territorial organization of Spain derived from the new Estatut d’Autonomia de Catalunya has been one of more controversial subjects during its process of elaboration. In this article we expose the incidence that this subject has had in the different institutional, partisan and electoral campaigns generated as a result of the approval of the new statutory text. According our analysis, the political parties and the institutions implied in the reform of the Estatut of Catalonia has paid little attention to the territorial joint of Catalonia with respect to Spain and to Europe during the campaigns directed to persuade the citizens of Catalonia facing their approval or rejection. The discourse strategies have more directed to emphasize the advantages or disadvantages of the new text respect to the effective one from 1979.


Estatut, electoral campaigns, television, argumentation




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