Citizen Journalism and Public Sphere in the Information Society


  • Guiomar Salvat-Martinrey
  • Vicente Serrano-Martín


With the development of new digital technologies and their expansion and large–scale implantation in almost all sectors of society, a communicative formula has been developed that has been called Citizen Journalism. The main objective of this work is to determine whether it is appropriate to apply the term citizen to the result of this use of the term technology. In this respect the question that arises and which we here try to answer, based on notions of “Public Sphere” and the so–called “Agenda Setting”, is whether the intervention of non professionals brings them closer to the nature of the concept of citizenship and genuinely increases their capacity of participation, or whether on the contrary this same concept is not in reality a way of facing up to the identity crisis and the legitimacy traditionally associated with journalism.


Citizen journalism, citizenship, public sphere, new information technologies, digital journalism, information society




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