The digital generation dealing with a new television model: favourite content and platforms


  • Patricia González Aldea
  • Nereida López Vidales


The starting point of this paper is a research project aimed to assess youth preferences and consumer habits regarding the new television model: the hypertelevision. The digital generation likes television, according to first results of surveys carried out among young people from 18 to 25 years old, but they are no longer watching it in the traditional way. They demand an adaptation of television content to new platforms, such as Internet or mobile phone, just as the innovation of media itself: more interactive and participatory. They reject current TV choices and describe it as little varied, sensationalist and overloaded with yellow press content. Their favourite programs are series, movies and documentaries in the third place. Among their content proposals for the new television, young people request more current events, news, and entertainment.


Television, hypertelevision, young people, digital generation, content, platforms, media, Internet




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