Concentration and pluralism in the Spanish new audiovisual Scenario. Analysis of the absorption of the Channel Cuatro by Telecinco


  • José Vicente García Santamaría
  • José Fernández-Beaumont Fernández


This work tries to analize the whole reorganization which is taking place in the Spanish television after the merger agreements that have occurred between different channels. The abun- dance of regulation changes, especially during 2009 and 2010, with the approval of the new Audiovisual Law, the state-owned TV financing model, the introduction of DTT Pay TV, and others different measures, has given green light to the agreements between Telecinco channel and Cuatro TV and the absorption of La Sexta by Antena 3. The object of analysis for this item, however, the first of these operations, as has already been analyzed by the competition authorities. In any case, these corporate operations have resulted in high concentrations in the audiovisual sector, which can affect the plurality of the Spanish media and even led to a situa- tion of “duopoly”.


media concentration in Spain, mergers and takeovers in Spanish TV, TV financing model, new TV platforms in Spain, Spanish TV market




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